Fitness Motivation

​The Key to Success is Hard Work and Determination


I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say – ” Because of you I didn’t give up”

Life can hand you challenges, what ever it maybe, it can shake you, break you or even make you stronger than before. I choose to be stronger and healthier and at my heaviest 275 lbs. I cried when I saw that horrible number on the scale. Never talked about how much I weight even when I was losing weight. Battling a hormone in-balance made it harder to lose weight. I started on my own and made great strides losing over 75 lbs. on my own. I hit a plateau and over 3 months I didn’t lose any weight nor inches. I was getting frustrating enough with myself, I felt the more I did of what I was doing I was going to see a change. I started coming to Studio Life Fitness I really saw a difference. Love the classes and the energy of the trainers, they saw my commitment,effort and determination and challenged me in ways I didn’t imagine; and achieved it. My total weight loss is over 121 lbs; I am no longer ashamed of sharing my story of how far I have come and lost, I am confident I will hit my goal with the continuous encouragement.
I still remember very vividly when I started my journey with Studio Life Fitness back in July 27,2012 when a close friend of mine invited me to attend one of the classes. I began at 162 lbs. size 10 at the age of 37, my first day was a challenge and the next day I felt sore all over; didn’t let that stop me. I have made great achievements and learning so much about fitness and the importance of nutrition. Now I stand at 124 lbs. and a size 4 at the age of 39.
mercedes-transformation ​Do not Give Up the Beginning is always the Hardest……….KEEP Moving FORWARD